• - At the edge of Tromsø

  • - At the edge of Tromsø

  • - At the edge of Tromsø

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AURORA ALPS is the brand name for Tour In Lyngenalps AS

We have now established our own Aurora Alps - winter wonderland - base camp at Breivikeidet,  - just a 50-minute drive from downtown Tromsø. You can experience many exciting activities here - in the daytime as well as at night - with great scenery and views of the Lyngen Alps.  

Anyone visiting  AURORA ALPS basecamp at Breivikeidet will now have the opportunity to buy suvernies from our selection. Bring good experiences and something to help you to make good memories of your visit to us.

All our guides have undergone first aid courses in CPR and hypothermia/frost bite.

Have a nice day together with Aurora Alps !

Winter Activities 2018- 2019