Dog sledding activities: Aurora Alps

Be part of an authentic Arctic adventure when driving your team of dogs at Aurora Alps basecamp, Tromsø.

Dog sled has been used for travel and hunting for centuries throughout the Arctic region. Dog sledding consist of a musher, a sled and one or more dogs. It´s an adventurous activity for your holiday in northern Norway. Be part of an authentic Arctic adventure when driving your own team of dogs on the outskirts of Tromsø. You'll get some great advice from our guide to help you have a wonderful experience as a musher (driver) and become one with nature.

All our 84 friendly alaskan huskies have names and different personalities. They love to run and receive cuddles. We travel over tundra and through forests and you will get in close contact with both nature and dogs. During daytime you will get a beautiful view towards the Lyngen Alps, and during dark season you can experience the northern lights dancing above us. Two people share each sled and we'll stop along the way to change mushers and to take photos with your new fourlegged friends. 

Duration:                         4 hours and 20 min
Period:                            4.nov. - 31.mars 
Participants:                   2 - 16 people 
Price :                              NOK 1,850 per person
Children (4-12 years):  50% discount
The tour price includes: Drive your own dog sledge, transport, coffee/tea and cake, hot drinks, warm clothing, winter boots, mittens and guide.

If you do a combi tours: Dog sledding with Snowshoes/Cross country ski - we will served you a hot meal for free. You must book both activities separately and give us a note in the message box if you want the meal.

 NY BOOKING KNAPP : BOOK your morning tour: Tour 1: 08.30 - 12.50

NY BOOKING KNAPP : Book your tea time tour: Tour 2: 10.40 - 15.00

 NY BOOKING KNAPP: BOOK your afternoon tour: Tour 3: 13.00 - 17.20 

NY BOOKING KNAPP : BOOK your evening/Northern light tour: Tour 4: 19.30 - 00.00
                           Periode: 1:  12.12. - 12.01  -  Periode 2: 5.02 - 5.03


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