Northern Light Basecamp - Aurora Alps

It is a heart-stopping moment when the aurora appears in the sky. The lights dance across the sky, changing colour and form, growing and shrinking. 

From our Basecamp at Breivikeidet - only a 50-minute drive from Tromsø - you can experience the Northern Lights from different vantage points. These can include a short  walking tour  with stunning views of the Lyngen Alps or other view points that provide opportunities for great experiences in the Polar Night.  
If you get cold, go into our restaurant for a cup of coffee/tea and warm up before you go back out to hunt for the lights.  
You can also warm up in our  Crystal Lavvo ( 20 people).
There is no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights, but the opportunity is good.
Anyone visiting  AURORA ALPS basecamp at Breivikeidet will now have the opportunity to buy suvernies from our selection.


18.45 - Meeting time outside Scandic Ishavshotel
19.00 - Transfer to Breivikeidet
19.50 - Aurora Alps Basecamp
22.30 - Hot meal followed by coffee/tea
23.10 - Departure Aurora Alps
00.00 - Tromsø

Booking deadline: 6-hour prior

Period:                     1 Nov - 31 March 
Days:                         Every evening
Participants:          2 - 30
Tripod:                     30  tripods available free of charge
Price:                        NOK 795 per person
The tour price includes transfer, free tripod, hot meal, coffee/tea and warm suits/boots.


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