Dog sledding daytime - Aurora Alps

A dog sled is a sled pulled by one or more sled dogs - used to travel over ice and through snow. Numerous types of sleds are used, depending on their function. They can be used for dog sled racing.

Dog power has been used for hunting and travel for more than 1,000 years.  Assembling a dog sled team involves picking leader dogs, point dogs, swing dogs, and wheel dogs.  Another important detail is to have powerful wheel dogs to pull the sled out from the snow. In dog sledding, Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes are the main types of dogs that are used for recreational sledding because of their strength, speed and endurance, as well as their ability to withstand the cold. 

Be part of an authentic Arctic adventure when driving your own dog team at the edge of Tromsø. You will get some great advice from our guide that will help you to have a wonderful experience as a "musher".

You can  do this tour in the daytime with fantastic view to the Lyngen Alps or in the evening as: Northern light tour with a dog sled.
The friendly dogs love to run, like getting a hug and you will quickly discover the interaction between dogs and those on the sled.
You will come in close contact with guides, dogs and other participants, which will add a personal touch to your adventures - at the edge of Tromsø.

Two people share each sled, and we stop along the way to chance "mushers" (drivers).

Anyone visiting  AURORA ALPS basecamp at Breivikeidet will now have the opportunity to buy suvernies from our selection.



Duration:               5,5  hours.
Period:                   22.11 - 15.04 
Participants:        2 - 20 
Price :                      NOK 1,895 per person
Children (4-12): 50% discount
The tour price includes transport, hot meal, hot drinks, warm clothing, winter boots, mittens and guide.

Booking deadline: 3-hour prior

09.15     - Meeting time, outside Scandic Ishavshotel
09.30     - Departure from Tromsø
10.30     - Aurora Alps, Breivikeidet
10.50     -  Dog sledding at the edge of Tromsø, about 2 hour
 13.00    - "After dog sledding"......    - Hot meal, coffee/tea and wine and beer for sales
14.00    - Departure Aurora Alps
15.00     - Arrive back in Tromsø


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