Sea fishing from the shore - at the edge of Tromsø

 Sea fishing from shore is the form of fishing that are most accessible to most people, and is an exciting and popular leisure activity.

 Wharves, piers, docks or bridges are easy places to fish from, especially for children. These places are usually good gathering places for many fish species. In addition to this are exciting places to fish from, to the children's great amusement, you will often see fish swimming in search of food.

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We go to such places, but can also fish directly from the beach. It can be a lot of fish and the chances of capture are large. The fish often swim up and down the shore slope and eat. Shore slope is the place where it starts getting deeper. With great patience, fishing poles and fishing tackle, we'll try to get on land todays  meal, which we prepare and cook on shore. On such trips there always be a  campfire, coffee and fish will be cooked in pots on the fire. To the fish we serve local bread. Enjoy the excitement, the atmosphere, nature and the experience. This is a perfect day.
The activity is suitable for everyone.

Period:              01.06 - 30.10
Meeting time: 09.45 - Scandic Ishavshotel
Departure:      10.00 - Scandic Ishavshotel
Duration:        10.00 - 15.00
Days:                 Every day
Quantity:         2-8
Difficulty:        Easy
Lifejackets:    For children and all equipment for fishing.
Adults:     kr. 995, -
Children: kr. 595, -

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