Halibut fishing in the Arctic Norway

Why is the halibut - the Queen of the Sea?
But - there is no one coming up with halibut. No one over and nobody by the side.V

The halibut is the queen of our saltwater fish,. The high status of this fish is known back to the stone age 6,000 years ago when the images of halibut were scattered into the mountains together with other important prey, such as moose, bear, reindeer and whale. The halibut is a mythical fish with many rituals around. That you must have a good “haill” when hunting halibut is well known and we will tell you about that……

Valhall is a hotel and nature experience center on Krøttøy. Here you can live well and eat short-lived food from local and marine origins. You can also experience nature close up in the world's northernmost inhabited archipelago.
Krøttøya is one of several smaller islands north of Bjarkøya and between Andøya and Senja. The highest point on the island is Kollen of 99 m. above sea level.                                                                                                            

In addition, we can offer boat tours, whale watching, eagle safaris, guided walks,kayaking. Request on the spot.



You will now have the possibility to try this magic halibut fishing in the Arctic Norway, in this periode:
06.08.2018 - 19.08.2018
09.09.2018 - 16.09.2018
Group 1:
Check in:   Sundays:       18.00
Check out: Thursdays:    10.00
Group 2:
Check in:   Wednesday:  18.00
Check out: Sundays:      12.00

Program will looks like that:
Sundays and Wednesday:
14.00 –Departure Tromsø
18.00 – Arrive Skrolsvik and a fishing bost will pick you up and go to Meløyvær and check in Valhall hotel.

Your fishing adventure can begins……Nice wooden bost with local fisherman who knows where to go and where the best spot for fishing…dont forget that this area is a gem of nature.

All days are organized on the site depending on catch and weather conditions.

Thursdays and Sundays:
10.00 – Departure Meløyvær and Valhall hotel
16.00 – Tromsø

Participant: 3 - 8 pers.
Duration:     5 days - 4 overnight stay
Price:          Kr. 25.000,- p.p. incl. boat, local guide, all equipment, 4 overnight stay, 4 dinner, 4 breakfast, tranfer

This fantastic nice wooden boat "Senjapynt" was built at Møllevik and Sønner at Hemnes in 1960 for Kjell and Eldar Benjaminsen from Skrolsvik in Troms. The vessel was operated and owned by the original contractors from 1960 to 1993 and was used for coastal fishing with liner, yarn, cheater, snore rifle and spinning pot.
In 1993, the vessel was taken over by Brødr. Karlsen from Husøy in Lenvik and still used in coastal fishing, mainly with yarn. In 2008, the vessel was exempted from condemnation and protected by the Riksantikvaren. The vessel is owned by Tranøy Kystlag, and is today used for the dissemination and conservation of various elements within Norwegian coastal culture, with the emphasis on the use of traditional fishing vessels. The vessel shall be restored and maintained as close as possible to the original. There are 12-15 people who maintain and operate the vessel with charter and recreational fishing funds as well as funds from the Riksantikvaren and the UNI Foundation.

Senjapynt 1

Soon ready for online booking. In the meantime send a request.





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