Glacier hike in Lyngen Alps

No visit to the Lyngen area would be complete without experiencing at least one of the many glaciers up close and personal. It is here you can comprehend the true scale and wonder at nature`s ability to create...and destroy...whole landscapes.

Informations signs along the way help you discover the flora and fauna which is unique to glacial areas as well as giving you an insight into local history.
You can also follow the glacier`s retreat the last 30-years. We go 4-500 m out on the glaciers, in a  safety area. Bring good walking shoes, suitable clothing, backpack with your own food and drink.
It is interesting to walk around on the glacier with different cracks and water which melts and at times  you can  see the color that is special for several glaciers - ice blue. Safety is important so we go with crampons, harnes, rope and spells. 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Periode:               Monday - Wednesday - Friday : 20.06 - 12.10
Duration:             9,5        
Participants:        2 - 8 pers.
Nok. kr.  1495,-
Incl:  transport (Tromsø) - guide - pick up service from Scandic Ishavshotel

09.00            Departure Tromsø, from Scandic Ishavshotel.
10.30            Arrival Steindalen
10.45            Start
17.00            Departure Steindalen
18.30            Tromsø



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