Dog sledding on wheels

Come with us on a Troll cart trip led by a team of dogs! A great activity before the snow comes.

Experience the Arctic scenery in the stunning autumn shades of yellow, red and orange and see the many varieties of berries. Perhaps the snow will already be sparkling on the summits of the Lyngen Alps... Just being outside in such awe-inspiring nature is an incredibly colourful experience.

We'll start at the camp by putting harnesses on the dogs and assembling them into a team. From there, the adventure will begin on peaceful roads through the woods in the beautiful Skibotn Valley. And here you'll have the chance to actually drive the dog sled on wheels yourself! There will be two people per cart and you can switch drivers if you like.

The trip will last approximately 1.5 hours. We'll stop several times during the trip to give water to the dogs before heading back to the camp for tea/coffee and biscuits. There will also be plenty of time to play with the dogs, of course!


Period:     1 Sept. - 15 Nov. (dependent on snow cover)
Level:         Easy - medium
Duration:    5 hours
Participants: 4-14 people
Price:          NOK 1695 per adult. NOK 1000 per child.

09.00 - Departure from Scandic Ishavshotel, Tromsø (meet 10 mins before)
10.30 - Skibotn and Huskies
12.30 - Tea/coffee and cookies
13.00 - Departure from Skibotn
14.30 - Tromsø

Booking deadline: 14 hours in advance





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